Deciding to study an MBA degree

Deciding to study an MBA degree

MBA is becoming more and more popular amongst students from all streams with each passing day. The programs has with time also become one of the most pursed and sought after courses that students today are investing their future in.

MBA today is being pursued by students of all most all streams as it is the need of the hour. The degree has gained more and more importance throughout the years. Have a look at the article to find out the relevance of MBA. Read more

select your area of specialization for MBA

How to select your area of specialization for MBA ?

How to select your area of specialization for MBA. Which MBA Streams one must choose for his MBA or PGDM production, marketing, personnel and financial management

A standard MBA program is normally of two year’s duration and offers compulsory courses in the first two semesters, followed by optional courses and project work in the next two semesters.

The compulsory courses on production, marketing, personnel and financial management along with basic courses on economics, mathematics, statistics and business strategy are common for all the students and are meant to provide an overall and holistic knowledge platform, useful for managing any business.

The optional courses leading to specialization in a specific area of management are meant to provide extensive and intensive knowledge in that specific area.

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Group Discussion Tips

Top 5 Group Discussion Tips for MBA Admissions

Group discussion success strategy – a look into how you can make yourself stand out in the Group Discussion or GD rounds for MBA/PGDBM admission in top B-Schools across India.

As you already know, group discussion or GD is a process wherein the participants exchange their opinions and ideas on any given topic(s). This process is often used for the selection of deserving candidates for admission into management programs in universities and B-Schools. A typical group discussion usually includes a small group of candidates. The number and size of of such groups usually depend upon the total number of candidates. The topic can be either pretty specific, or largely general; and more importantly, the topic can be from virtually any walk of life – be it national politics, diplomacy, contemporary affairs, social and cultural norms, general knowledge or anything else.

Making yourself stand out in a group discussion can boost your chances of getting admission into the desired institute or program. However, unlike written exams, a firm grip over the topic in question may not always ensure you a favorable result in GD. But if you stick to the following strategies, odds will definitely be highly in your favor:

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MBA in International Business

What is International Business ?

We call those International that are not restricted by geographical or political boundaries. Hence business operations without geographical boundaries, i.e., global commerce and the Internet have made the world smaller, but far more competitive. So one deals with terms like international business, multinational, transnational, globalization, multi domestic and the global marketplace very often. This arena along with the traditional export and import industry provides pathway to a multitude of careers.

It can be well imagined that international business success requires more business acumen than managing a domestic enterprise. The traditional business functions and values are there to be managed, but one also must understand and work from a global perspective that adds politics, culture, monetary variables, time, and distance to the international business management equation. There is also international marketing which is simply the application of marketing principles to more than one country.

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MBA in Healthcare Management

MBA in Healthcare Management

MBA in Healthcare Management

An MBA in Healthcare administration is what you should be taking if you’re interested in healthcare in particular with aspects involving managing facilities and hospitals, and focusing and improving knowledge and skills on business administration.

What Exactly Is MBA in Health Care?

Your MBA in healthcare administration helps you gain a solid business background within the healthcare industry and in the process you’ll learn handling economic, ethical, legal, and even political demands that come along the industry.

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MBA after MBBS

MBA after MBBS – Top institutes, Jobs, Scope, Salary

MBA/MBBS: Generally medical graduates choose MS/MD as their further career scope to make a career in the Medical profession. But, if you are someone who wants to work in the Management line and use your degree of MBBS, then you must choose MBA as a postgraduate degree after completing MBBS.

It is a matter of fact that competition in MS/MD admission after NEET PG is really tough and candidates are often seen trying to get admission for years but they eventually fail. MBA is a well-chosen option as it offers great salary packages with a high growth rate.

In this article, we cover various courses in MBA after MBBS, job profiles, average annual salary, top institutes that offer MBA in India, etc.

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MBA Admission Process in India

 The MBA course in India fascinates many aspirants, so the number of Institutes offering Masters degree and Postgraduate diploma in business administration and related areas has also swelled. The admission procedures of these institutes also differ. This article is aimed at appraising the potential candidates about the relevant issues related to getting into the right course and right school. Let us systematically look at the various steps in this decision making process.

Clearly focus on the desired goals

PGDM or MBA: accordingly choose the school(s).

Any specialization: Subjects include: marketing, finance, human resources, rural management, retail management, operations and logistics, systems, intellectual property, international trade and business and many others. Carefully examine the Institution profiles for appropriate programs, information is easily available.

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