Why BMBA ?

India has one of the biggest MBA education infrastructures in the world, with 4000+ B-schools and more than 700,000+ students enrolled in various MBA or equivalent programs. However, today, the Indian MBA market is going through a crucial phase of shake-out & consolidation. BMBA, a think-tank and network for Indian MBA community, sees this as a painful, but constructive development.

BMBA plays an important role in fostering the ecosystem – by connecting B-schools to its peers , and with quality MBA aspirants seeking admissions. Virtually all of the Top 100 Indian B-schools & University MBA programs, utilize BMBA as a platform to inform & engage with stakeholders. MBA aspirants rely on us to prepare for CAT, XATor GMAT, and our independent un-biased counseling to choose the ‘best-fit’ B-school.