Group Discussion Tips

Top 5 Group Discussion Tips for MBA Admissions

Group discussion success strategy – a look into how you can make yourself stand out in the Group Discussion or GD rounds for MBA/PGDBM admission in top B-Schools across India.

As you already know, group discussion or GD is a process wherein the participants exchange their opinions and ideas on any given topic(s). This process is often used for the selection of deserving candidates for admission into management programs in universities and B-Schools. A typical group discussion usually includes a small group of candidates. The number and size of of such groups usually depend upon the total number of candidates. The topic can be either pretty specific, or largely general; and more importantly, the topic can be from virtually any walk of life – be it national politics, diplomacy, contemporary affairs, social and cultural norms, general knowledge or anything else.

Making yourself stand out in a group discussion can boost your chances of getting admission into the desired institute or program. However, unlike written exams, a firm grip over the topic in question may not always ensure you a favorable result in GD. But if you stick to the following strategies, odds will definitely be highly in your favor:

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